Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void Has Officially Launched

Encounters in the New World! Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void Has Officially Launched


37Games, a well-known International game publisher, has announced on April 26th that their new mobile game "Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void" has been officially launched on App Store and Google Play. As an anime RPG, Crossing Void comprise of over 50 iconic characters from Dengeki Bunko light novels, allowing the players to experience crossovers between their favorite characters in this fantasy world. Let's take a glimpse into the unique Cross Skills!



Image 1: Boundary-less Brawls!


Nexus  Cross, a rule of survival in Crossing Void.

Characters are categorized into Mains and Subs in Crossing Void. When a Main and a Sub character who share a nexus are bound as a team, a powerful Cross Skill can be released. Cross Skills also applies to characters from different light novels! Therefore, players should focus not only on collecting companions, but also strategize on forming teams with powerful Cross Skills. Sometimes, using Cross Skill at the right time could be the key to turn the tide!



Image 2: Shana + Mikoto = The Cute Girls

Our Cuteness equals to Justice! The Cuteness Squad deals P.Dmg and Sp.Dmg to all enemies.



Image 3: Kirito + Rusian =The Model Boyfriends

Deals P.Dmg to all enemies, increasing their damage taken and giving them additional damaging effects.



Image 4: Ryuji + Shizuo = Deceptive Appearances

Our looks may be deceptive, but our strengths certainly don't. Deals P.Dmg to all enemies.



Image 5: Kirino + Kuroneko = Two-faced Queens

Kirino, as the Kind Queen of Nightmare, restores HP to all allies. Kuroneko, as the Queen of Nightmare, curses all allies, giving them the Bleed effect for several rounds.



Image 6: Tomoka + Enju = Small Girls, Big Power

Deals P.Dmg to all enemies.


Extraordinary crossovers will be realized in the new world! Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void has officially launched on App Store and Google Play. Download it now to experience wonderful encounter with your favorite anime characters!



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