Apr. 26th: Official Launch!

Crossing Void Official Launch

Date: Apr. 26th 2019

We have been expecting you, Crossers from the real world!

Today, the portal to Crossing Void will open.

Crises are falling upon this bizarre dimension.

The revolt of machines and the invasion of alien creatures have disturbed the once quiet Crossing Void.

Dengeki Bunko characters are fighting side-by-side to protect their world!

Are you ready to join the fight?

Prepare for Burst Link!

To celebrate your arrival, Saku will host a variety of wonderful events

for new Crossers:

1. Starter Plan

Complete Starter Missions to get Gacha Coins (up to 150)

2. Sign-in Bonus

Sign-in for 7 days in a row to get an A-Class Asuna (Main) for free!