Spring Fete Stamp Collection Starts

Spring Fete Stamp Collection Starts

Duration: April 25th - May 5th 23:59

Greetings, Crossers!

To celebrate the official launch of Crossing Void, Stamp Collection event has started!

Collect and light up stamps during event time to obtain various rewards including Gacha Vouchers and character advancement materials!(<ゝω・)~☆


1. Collect stamps of three colors from different sources.

2. Light up stamps of the same line or same column to claim Pouch Reward!

3. When all stamps have been lit up, a Spring Frag. Pouch will be granted. You may open it to select the Character Fragments you want! ٩(๑•̀ω•́๑)۶



Blue Stamp

May obtain 1 stamp for clearing a story stage

Yellow Stamp

May obtain 2 stamps for clearing Curio Hunt once

Red Stamp

Obtain 5/10 stamps when daily activiness reaches 60/100 points

Note: Reward exchange closes in 3 days after the event ends.