How to play Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void Effectively

The Novice Play Guide Series (I) - How to play Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void Effectively?


The reasons why it'll keep you entertained!


1、Elegant drawing that are true to the source material

I am sure many players are drawn to Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void because they are a fan of anime such as "Sword Art Online" and "A Certain Magical Index." For this reason, we strive to keep the characters in Crossing Void true to the source material, no matter it is the battle animation sequences or the background arts. As you collect more characters into your lineup, you will notice we put a lot effort into refining each character while retaining its original aesthetics.


2、Patience reaps the rewards!

In Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void, the rarest cards are S-level cards (ranging from C, B, A, to S), and through collecting Gacha and Maigo, which can be collected in game, could earn you S-level cards in no time. Simply put, patience reaps the rewards!!


3、Develop Your Favorite Characters!

In Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void, we implemented an important mechanic - Inherit.  Through "Inherit," character cards with a lower rarity could transfer its Level, Star, and Talent to another card of higher rarity, hence "inherit" the effort you've previously invested. At the same time, the system will refund the materials you've spent on the previous development.   We implemented this mechanic so you won't feel like your previous effort was wasted because you haven't yet obtained a character card in the highest rarity.  Therefore, feel free to upgrade your characters without feeling the need to conserve your materials.



Interesting Mechanics of Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void


1、Sub Character Cards

Many players might start to think obtaining a sub character card is pretty useless. However, it is definitely a blessing, not a curse.

So let's take a look at why sub cards are AWESOME `(*_*):


Massive Stats Boost

You can view sub cards as a piece of powerful equipment for your main characters as it significantly boosts their stats and even adds a couple of skills to your disposal.   In combat, the damage dealt is calculated based on the combination of both the main character and the sub character, what's more, the equipment you equipped on your sub character also adds to the sum.


Powerful Skill Support

"Cross skills" are only available when a main character is teamed up with a correlating sub character.    Sometimes the damage of cross skills could even be higher than your ultimate.  Especially during instances where single target damage is much needed, cross skills could be extremely handy.


2、Collect all the Fragments!

Fragment are pieces of materials that allows you to increase your combat power by boosting your character stats.  


① Raise your Character Stats

Save up your character fragments! Through the Talent menu, you can raise your character's stats by combining these fragments.  

② Advance Your Character Rarity! (That's right, between a C and an S rarity is only a matter of number of fragments)

Under your Talent menu, you can see talent sockets: one socket for C-Level, two sockets for B-Level, three sockets for A-Level, and four sockets for S-Level.

When your C-Level card gained an extra socket, it could only mean one thing - You've increased its rarity!  Like I said, Between a C and an S rarity is only a matter of number of fragments!" `(*_*)


3、Curio System

Curios are basically character equipment. Each character can equip up to four curios under four diverse slots. The first and fourth slot are usually ATK oriented curios, while second and third slots are DEF oriented curios. When you collect a set of curio, you will receive bonus attributes.   


Novice Development Guide in Early Game


1、How to Spend EN Effectively?

You might notice you have an abundant of EN to spare in early, up to about Lv. 20. In this case, how do you spend your EN effectively afterward?


① Story Quests Of Course! Follow the story with the default characters until you hit a brick wall.

(Note: It costs one EN whenever you are defeated or restart the match)

Follow the tips and instructions will maximize your edge in the early game.  After the tutorials, progress story mode as fast as possible is the most effective way to conserve your EN for late game.  Story mode provides an abundance of experience points, advancement materials, Gacha Coins, Coins, and more.


Fragments and Curios is the Key to Success

Don't panic when you hit a brick wall in Story mode. Hunt curios and collect fragments will come a long way in developing your characters.   


Utilize EN for Hunting Advancement Materials

One of the reasons why you hit a brick wall in Story mode is simply because you lack the right character to beat the episode. While you attempt to collect said character, it is wise to invest EN on hunting advancement materials.


2、How do I acquire EN?

Secret Tip I don't usually reveal this, but participating in official events through "Void Agency" is one way to acquire more EN. (*Wink)


Spend your Maigo Players can purchase 100 EN by spending Maigo for up to four times a day with each time at an increased cost (60-80-100-150 maigos). Personally, I think the price is a bit steep after the first two purchase, so feel free to stack up during early game with 1~2 purchases every day. (Needless to say, participate official events is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to earn EN.)


Claim your daily EN giveaway! The system will give out 60 EN twice day (refreshes at 11 am and 6 pm). Simply login to claim your free EN!


Wait for it...(literally wait for it). You will gain a small amount of EN every ten minutes, totaling at 144 EN per day!

Earn them by accomplishing achievements and through various quests


3、How to effectively spend your coins?

You might save up a decent amount of coins as your progress, but don't splurge it, spend it effectively.  Advancing your characters, upgrading curios, and many other gameplay functions require the usage of coins, so please spend it wisely by making every penny count.


That's it for the first episode of the Novice Play Guide Series! Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void will not disappoint you; join us and see for yourself!